Cataclysm talent previews

11 Jun 2010   Games   WoW

Soo.... ages ago now, I switched from playing Eve to playing World of Warcraft.   Now with the next expansion coming up in the next several months, talent previews are starting to show up for classes.    So far the Druid & Rogue previews are the ones I'm most interested in.   I really hope they ship with one Druid talent in tact as it is currently in the preview.   Nothing beats 'Nom Nom Nom' as a talent name - pure awesome there!

This quick post is primarily just so I can keep track of some planned talent spec setups for my various characters and setups to compare with some of the other guides as they start showing up as well.

Rogue Assassin Build here

Rogue Combat Build here

Discipline Priest build here

Feral Bear Build here