Common Sense

18 Mar 2010   Life

Common sense certainly seems to be a rare thing anymore.    Several years ago, I came up with the following:

Nitehawk's theorem on the conservation of Common Sense:

There exists in the world a constant quantity of "common sense".  As the population of the world increases, so must the individual distribution of common sense therefore decrease.

I've been watching this "common sense constant" for some time now, and I think this theorem goes a long way towards explaining why people as a whole don't seem to have any sense at all.   I certainly have yet to see anything that would lead me to suspect any inaccuracy.   Recent events certainly solidify this theorem even more.

It should also be obvious that the distribution of common sense is not even.  Some people seemingly get more than their "fair" share, while others seem to not have a bit of sense at all.

So... the next time you find yourself astounded at people's lack of sense, just remember, they can't help it.    It won't make their actions any less bizarre, but at least you might have an idea why.