Builder's log

02 Oct 2010   Aviation

While nothing is 100% guaranteed until the order forms are signed, the buzz I'm getting just from planning out the initial portion of the project makes it very likely that I'll be going ahead with the project, the biggest question simply being one of timing.   Right now is primarily a time of preparation.   I'm in the process of finishing some big outstanding projects on my house right now.   Completing these projects will allow me to recover the space that is being used to store materials for these projects in the garage, which in turn will allow me to get the garage setup as a workshop, and so forth.

At the same time, I'm in the process of preparing some of the resources I'll need to have available for the project.   Among these tools is a place to maintain a builders log.  I'm setting this up as a wordpress blog, and eventually plan to turn the entire blog website into a set of books.   All fun stuff.

At any rate, the majority of information about the project going forward will be located at, so that it can all be nicely captured into one big package at the end.