09 Nov 2007   Technology

Thanks to the Remember the Milk blog, I just came across one of the neatest services I think I've ever seen. Sometimes technology just makes you say *cool*!

Do yourself a favor and take a look at Jott.com. This service lets you call an 866 number and do a variety of things, including sending email, leaving quick notes for yourself, and looking up property values through Zillow.com. The service is free, at least for now. There isn't anything on their website that suggests they are looking to charge, but things are always changing. I think I'll be making good use of the service while its free anyway.

Enjoy a cool new toy!


18 Oct 2007   Life

It seems like I just can't get away from traveling for the job anymore.  On the whole, its not a bad thing, but there are certainly moments.  I suppose the worst part is planning the social aspect of things.  It is very difficult to plan activities when I can't be sure if I'll be home or not at any given point.  Of course, even when I know I'll be home, the time I have to get things done at home is very limited.

I suppose its appropriate that I'm finishing writing this entry while on an airplane.  I apologize for any typos I may miss correcting - there is a fair bit of turbulence right now due to all the storms in the area.  I did start writing this a week ago while in Albuquerque, NM, but I guess distractions got the better of me.  Ah well, better late then never.

Its always interesting to see people's reactions to delayed flights.  Its always frustrating, of course, but different people handle that frustration in different ways.  Some people are impatient and blame the airline for things beyond their control.  Some people just kick back and relax and make the best of it.  Generally delays only really bother me if I have a particularly long drive on the other end of the flight.  In this case, I've still got another 30 minute drive once we land, but thats not too horrible - especially compared to some of the other trips I've had in the past.

Airline travel has changed some, but it really is more the same than it is different.  There is still the same hurry up and wait aspect.  Endless lines, and everything else.  Security lines do seem to be moving faster for the most part, but sometimes security gets a little odd and inconsistent with the things that are allowed through.  A cheap screwdriver is allowed one place since the body of the tool is under 7 inches, but is not allowed at another airport because the whole thing is over 7 inches.  It might be interesting to see the research that said that a 6" tool is "safe", but a 7" tool is a dangerous weapon.  I know there has to be a line somewhere, but without a consistent line, travel becomes more difficult than it needs to be.

Happy travels everyone!