26 Jul 2008   Technology   Space

Space is getting closer to being accessible! Well.. at least if you have some money to spend it is. Regardless of how much money you have (or don't have) though, It is still exciting to see cutting edge technology being developed.

Scaled Composites and Virgin Galactic are teaming up to unveil the new WhiteKnightTwo carrier aircraft design on Monday.  SpaceShipTwo will connect to the center of WhiteKnightTwo and get lifted to 50,000ft.   Once at altitude, SpaceShipTwo is dropped for the remainder of its space flight up to 360,000ft.

Virgin Galactic is now accepting bookings for the first flights.  For a mere $200,000, you get a 2.5 hour flight on SpaceShipTwo, as well as 3 days of training.  Training includes a variety of simulations intended to ensure a safe flight and help to make the most of the Zero-G time during the flight.  Unfortunately there is a minimum deposit of $20,000 required to book the flight as well.

This one is definately on my to do list though.  Hopefully as the technology progresses, the price will come down.


26 Jul 2008   Life

I came across an incredible video the other day. I love the attention to detail in this office war - and the use of typical office items to provide the 'special effects'. Take a look at the video embedded after the break.