02 Aug 2008   Random Stuff

Through coworkers, I came across a couple interesting bits of information and links.

The first link has some excelent wallpaper images.   Mandolux has some great multi-monitor wallpaper images, and includes source images for all of the divided images.  Overall a bunch of really cool stuff for your desktop.

The second bit is about the Auditory Illusion called the Shepard Tone.  Its a series of tones that sounds like it is getting higher or lower in pitch, and at the same time ultimately sounds like it is keeping the same pitch.  Check it out, its pretty neat.


28 Jul 2008   House

As the clock winds down another weekend, I have made good progress on the demolition portion of my Master Bath project.  All of the tile is now off the walls in the shower, and I'm down to half of one wall left of sheetrock to remove now as well.   I removed the vanity a couple weeks ago, so now its down to a bunch of tile debris, the old shower pan, and the toilet as the large remaining items left to be removed.

Once everything is cleaned out, I suspect I may have a couple of 2x4's to replace.  I can see a portion of a couple of the studs near the bottom that looks like its pretty rotted out at this point.   Given how easily the tile, cement, and sheetrock crumbled in that area, it probably got pretty wet over a fairly long period of time.  I'm guessing that the shower was still the original shower from when the house was built in '64, so I'm not really supprised.  Hopefully it won't be too difficult to make those replacements.

Also high on my project list is some electrical work on my main entry panel.  In order for the a lot of the new electrical work to be done properly, I need to get have the additional space in the entry panel available, so that project does take financial priority over many of the other projects.  I've got one good source for getting the panel upgraded, so now I just need to make those funds available and get it done.

Of course the remodeling isn't the only draw on the finances around the house.  I've also got a bunch of trees to be trimmed that will be drawing a fair chunk of change out of my budget.   Ahh well..  the projects just keep on coming....