31 Aug 2007   Games

I've been somewhat hooked on the tower defense games lately. Among my favorites has been onslaught
, which, in addition to the typical features of the tower games, includes multiple tower combos and booster towers. Onslaught has seen several new features recently, including the addition of audio and some new combos. Today adds some new features, including a new 'super tower' and several bugfixes.


So far, the best strategies I've found have been the 'nuke flower' concept, and laser rockets. So far my best game has been played using laser rockets, although I tend to get impatient sometimes and start too many waves at once, which swamps the rockets. The nuke flowers (a rocket tower and 2 cannon towers, repeated a bunch of times around the map) seem to be more resistant to this problem, but unfortunately the nuke damage does have a practical upper limit, which ends up leaving a fixed lifespan for the nukes effectiveness. By chaining the laser towers, the laser rockets can get into massively high damage levels to handle the creep spawn for a much longer time period.


Overall, I like the tower defense games. They are fairly simple to play, and have a fair bit of variety. I'm in the process of planning a compiled tower defense game engine. Look for updates on the progress of this project to be coming over the next several weeks.


28 Aug 2007   Life

Well... its been some time since I really worked on my website, so... here goes. I'm working on setting things up with this new format that you see now, and plan to update things much more frequently, although not everything will be relevant to anything particularly interesting. Hopefully at least some people will find it interesting at least some of the time...