Great sailing quotes

27 Aug 2008   Life

I've been doing a bunch of sailing over the last year on a handful of different boats.  Sailing is a great stress reliever, and a couple hours out on the water makes all outside problems just melt away.   Well... brief philosophical is best in my book, so on to the point.

The owner of one of the boats I sail on, Yesterdaze, sent over the following image.

Sailing is not a matter of life or death....    Its more important than that.

In case the text is not clear, it reads, "Sailing is not a matter of life or death....    it's more important than that."

I've found this sentiment to be very common among sailors, and especially among the racers out there.  Well, to be honest, I suppose the quote could just as easily be adapted to most things for different people.   Sailing is certainly very high up on my list though.

There is also a great plaque on the companionway bulkhead on Yesterdaze.   It reads  "Sailing is like being a child again: Wide eyes, Big smile, and a soggy bottom."

Here's wishing everyone fair winds and smooth water!   Sail safe!