Great romantic flic - Miss Potter

17 Oct 2007   Movie Reviews

Travel makes for good movie watching time and Blockbuster online makes it relatively easy to catch up on some of the more recent movies that I've been wanting to see.  I watched "Miss Potter" earlier this week while waiting at the airport for my flight.

This movie plays out a portion of the life of Miss Beatrix Potter.  If you havn't heard of Miss Potter, well, I feel sorry for you.  Its time to climb out from under that rock you've been hiding under and do some reading, seriously.  Beatrix Potter is the best selling children's author of all time, literally bringing her animal friends to life on the pages.

The movie describes how Miss Potter got her start with the illustrations and her storytelling, and a bit about her hunt for a publisher for her books.  Without giving away too much, it tells the story of her finding love, loss, and finding love again.

Overall:  I give 'Miss Potter' a must see rating.  Even if you don't typically like romance movies, I think you'll enjoy this one.