Social networking

13 Sep 2007   Life

Despite loving technology of all sorts, I have been hesitant to join the whole social networking game. I have even been skeptical of the blogging concept. When the social networking websites started showing up all those years ago, I had really just written them off as a passing fad, like so many other things have been.  Obviously that hasn't been the case.  Social networking sites like and are quite popular, along with several others.  Far be it from me to counter the masses anymore.  I've started playing with digg and now, and I have an account on technorati to keep track of the blog's statistics.  I can see the attraction to the social networking concept, even though I'm sure I have yet to see the full benefit.  If you haven't joined any of these sites, I can actually encourage it now.  If you're already a member, please feel free to add me to your network.